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The Triad Transformer Company was established in 1943. Since that time, Triad has been owned by several companies. In the 1950ís the company was purchased by Litton Industries and then in the 1970ís by MagneTek. Under Littonís stewardship, Triad was merged with Utah Transformer creating Triad-Utrad. And during MagneTekís tenure another transformer company, Better Coil, was rolled into the Triad organization. Both Litton and MagneTek were large companies with extensive resources to ensure that the transition consolidating various transformer companies was smooth, well documented and thorough, so that nothing was lost in the process. Long before ISO was established, these two companies had extensive documentation, process control and continuous improvement programs to ensure the consistent quality and the reliability of Triadís products. Triad benefits to this day from the care and investment that Litton and MagneTek took in managing Triad. In 2003, Triad was acquired by Axis Corporation of Taiwan (Axis is a publicly traded company in Taiwan with about US$60 million in sales). For the previous 15 years, Axis had been MagneTekís Asian based manufacturing partner, producing 95% of Triadís standard products as well as many of Triadís custom items. Axisí acquisition included all of the intellectual property of Triad, Triad-Utrad and Better Coil including all of the designs, BOMís, process sheets and testing requirements. In addition to the intellectual property, we retain and maintain all of the UL files and documentation related to Triad, Triad-Utrad and Better Coil. Axisí 15-year partnership with MagneTek prepared us well for assuming ownership of Triad. We were already using the procedures and techniques required to maintain Triadís high level of quality and reliability. In addition we hired one of Triadís key engineering staff, Jim Mettler who is now Triadís Engineering Manager. Jim is intimately familiar with Triadís designs, processed and documentation. Over the last 6-years we have successfully reintroduced many of Triadís discontinued standard products and seamlessly maintained the highest levels of quality for custom products whether for on-going production or spot reorders for custom parts that had not been manufactured for years. Triadís facility (and Axisí) are all ISO approved. We have complete confidence that we will continue to deliver products with the same materials and performance characteristics that you have received from us previously (albeit under different corporate ownership). In this day and age, companies change ownership and names on a regular basis. We hope this information serves to assure you that nothing has been lost over the years and that you can expect to receive the same if not higher quality product than you have from us in the past.

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