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Triad Magnetics has been innovating in the magnetics industry since our founding more than 60 years ago.

Today, we are a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of transformers, power supplies, and inductors.

We work hard to create transformers, power supplies, and inductors that are every bit as innovative and cutting edge as the applications for which they are used.

The well-regarded, high-performance magnetics components we create at Triad are always pushing the boundaries, setting new standards in a variety of different industries.

Industrial and Commercial Equipment

Triad manufactures a considerable array of power supplies, inductors, and transformers specifically designed for use in industrial and commercial equipment.

In these sectors, our magnetics can be found in automated equipment, lighting systems, produced goods, and more.

Triad Magnetics offers a wide range of off the shelf and custom magnetic components for the industrial and commercial markets.

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Renewable Energy

Growth in the renewable energy sector is exploding, and rightly so — the general scientific consensus is that fossil fuel supplies are dwindling as global climate change accelerates.

The magnetics technologies required by this renewable energy are advancing just as quickly.

Triad Magnetics offers high power, high frequency, and high density renewable energy magnetics.

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The needs of the medical equipment industry are dynamic, constantly evolving as the medical field progresses and regulations becoming increasingly stricter.

Above all else, the medical industry requires consistent quality from magnetics.

Triad offers medical grade magnetics manufactured in ISO certified facilities to meet even the most stringent guidelines.

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Power Conversion and Measurement

Virtually every industry has power conversion and power measurement requirements; Triad can manufacture the required magnetics for each of them.

From high-power switch-mode boost inductors to precision toroidal power supply transformers, our robust solutions constantly set new performance standards.

Triad Magnetics' highly skilled engineers develop industry leading power conversion and measurement tools for many applications.

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Audio and Sound Processing and Distribution

Triad has deep roots in the audio and sound industries, which rely heavily on electronics and magnetics.

We manufactured the world’s first 100W output transformer in the ‘50s and grew our expertise to television audio transformers during the ‘60s.

Our audio and sound magnetics cover a broad spectrum of applications. 

Triad Magnetics offers a wide range of capabilities for audio and sound processing and distribution including reverse engineering.

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