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Power Supplies and LED Drivers

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The popularity of LED lighting has increased exponentially in recent years, and for good reason. LED lights use much less electricity, saving people money and helping out the planet in the form of reduced carbon dioxide emissions from power plants that burn fossil fuels.

Triad magnetics engineers optimally design custom magnetics while also offering thousands of part numbers standard and available off-the-shelf. As a custom manufacturer of transformers, inductors, high frequency magnetics, and power supplies, Triad has a great lineup of standard products related to LED lighting, including power supplies and LED drivers. We can also create custom power supplies and custom LED drivers.

LED drivers are an essential element of any LED lighting project or installation. The issue is that LED lighting is vulnerable to thermal runaway. As ambient temperatures increase, the amount of forward voltage (the volts required by the light emitting diode to conduct electricity and actually light up) decreases and the LEDs will draw more current, heating up until they burn out.

To solve this problem, the LED driver is a self-contained power supply that regulates its output current to match what is needed by the LED lights, thereby keeping the current constant and avoiding thermal runaway.

There are a huge variety of LED drivers available on the market today, which can make choosing the right one feel like an overwhelming and frustrating puzzle. The driving factors in such choices revolve around the type and number of LEDs being used (determines forward voltage, recommended driving current), type of power to be used (DC, AC, batteries, etc.), space limitations, main goals of the application (size, cost, efficiency, performance), and any special features needed, such as dimming, pulsing, microprocessor control, etc.

Specifications and Applications

LED drivers come in two main categories—those for low voltage DC input power and those for high voltage AC input power. The low voltage DC input power LED drivers are preferable for most lighting applications because they’re very efficient and reliable. They are also good when dimming capabilities are desired. Using a potentiometer gives a full range of 0 to 100% dimming.

AC drivers are especially suited to smaller applications requiring a greater range of dimming and output options, but are also sometimes the better choice for certain larger residential and commercial LED lighting installations. Calculating the maximum number of LED lights you can operate with a single driver is easy. Just divide the maximum output voltage of the driver by the forward voltage (Vf) of your particular LED lights.

Power Supplies & LED Drivers from Triad Magnetics

Triad Magnetics offers complete custom Power Supplies & LED Drivers design and manufacturing capabilities from our ISO 9001:2015 certified Design Center in Perris, CA. With capabilities including rapid design, prototyping, and testing, our team of engineers can help you find the solution that’s right for your application.

In addition to our custom capabilities, Triad Magnetics is proud to offer 10 different product lines related to power supplies and LED drivers, including the following:

If you’re ready to find the LED driver you need for your next lighting project, browse our extensive collection by checking out our online catalog of power supplies and LED drivers today!

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