At Triad Magnetics, our innovative magnetics technology has powered consumer, commercial, and industrial electronics for over 80 years in the industry. We are extremely proud of this legacy and dedicated to continually building and improving upon it.

Our Experience

Our experience makes the difference. It gives us the knowledge and skills we need to remain flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the market. That’s why we offer over 1,000 standard part numbers, maintain an extensive inventory and vast distribution network, and provide custom capabilities. Whether a customer needs a standard or custom technology, we can and will deliver an appropriate solution.

Our mission for standard products is to be the first choice supplier of power magnetics for electronic component distributors. 

Our mission for custom products is to thoroughly understand a client’s magnetics needs and then ensure that the fulfillment process from design to delivery exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Our Dedication to Design Innovation

While we already have thousands of designs that serve as solutions in various applications around the world, from data processing to telecommunications to power conversion, we maintain the resources to produce new designs as needed. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Perris, California houses everything we need for custom design, prototyping, and testing operations, while our senior design engineers have more than 80 years of experience and expertise in a broad range of applications.

Our pioneering design process promotes innovation. All of our engineers are encouraged to help, teach, and exchange ideas with one another. This collaboration can lead to new ideas that benefit our clients. Whether they need help developing basic specifications, input on safety agency requirements, or feedback on a design’s performance, size, and cost, we want to be a design partner that helps leads customers to a successful end product.

Our World-Class Manufacturing Solutions

Our product solutions are used in various industries across the world, from audio to medical, power conversion to telecommunications, and commercial equipment to renewable energy. By utilizing advanced cellular production techniques and technologies, we can manufacture quality products while shortening cycle times and minimizing material handling.

These techniques and technologies provide us with the speed and flexibility to accommodate both high and low production volumes; we can handle one piece to 10 million pieces, which makes us the ideal partner for customers with a high mix of product requirements.

Our standard product offerings include:

  • Audio transformers
  • Current sense transformers
  • Power transformers
  • Wall plug-in transformers
  • Inductors and chokes
  • Power supplies and LED drivers
  • High-frequency magnetics
  • Engineering development/design sample kits

Our Commitment to Quality and Reliability

One of our company’s core goals is fulfilling the customer’s needs. This means always providing the highest quality products and processes, so our customers know they can rely on us time and again. That’s why we maintain:

  • Unwavering compliance to applicable product safety/performance standards (e.g., UV and TUV) and customer specifications
  • A dedication to producing products for long-term reliability and providing extensive resources and support to ensure the ongoing excellence of our products
  • A commitment to continually improving products and processes to optimize business operations and provide greater value to customers

Each manufacturing team is empowered with the responsibility for quality and reliability through a highly evolved system of critical self-inspection. The Triad Magnetics system of in-process inspection, pre-ship audits, and failure analysis has allowed many of our customers to eliminate their incoming inspection process, while our continuous improvement protocol has provided the highest levels of product quality and reliability.

Our Global Manufacturing and Distribution Capabilities

We operate manufacturing facilities in the United States and the Philippines. Our design engineers work closely with all of our factories to quickly turn around any custom product requirements. Our global network of distributors, supported by our Perris, CA warehouse and logistics center, stocks and delivers thousands of our standard products directly to our customers, providing Just-in-Time delivery for all component needs.

We know customers depend on us from design to delivery. That’s why we train our team to communicate needs and expectations efficiently, clearly, and respectfully so we can provide products and services in a timely manner. Additionally, we utilize cutting-edge computer inventory systems to manage production schedules and inventory levels, track sales history and current orders, and provide logistical forecasts to ensure on-time delivery and cost savings for customers.

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Triad Magnetics is a trusted source for standard and custom magnetics solutions worldwide. To learn more about why you should partner with Triad Magnetics, contact us today. To discuss your product requirements and restrictions with one of our team members, request a quote.

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