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Many electronic devices call for lower power voltages than the levels that typically come through electrical outlets in homes and offices. This can be easily rectified with the use of wall plug-in transformers, also called AC adapters, wall bumps, power cubes, wall adapters, or wall warts. These versatile transformers come in the form of small plastic boxes that plug directly into wall sockets.

As you’ll see in the product categories outlined below, wall plug-in transformers are available in a wide range of popular voltages, power levels, and reversed polarities (-R). These devices allow product designers great freedom when they cannot solve high-voltage issues directly inside the product being designed.

Wall Plug-In Transformers from Triad Magnetics

Wall plug-in transformers are essential for ensuring that end-user low-voltage electronic devices are adequately protected from higher voltages. And, as with all of our standard products, these transformers meet the requirements of 2015/863/EU, the RoHS initiative.

In addition to our standard wall plug-in transformers, the engineers at Triad Magnetics also have the capabilities to design, build, and manufacture completely custom wall plug-in transformer solutions to meet the needs of all our customers.

Triad’s standard wall plug-in transformers and junction boxes fall into the following seven categories:

Wall-Plug-In-triad_wsu-120-1000-rWall Plug-Ins – Switch-Mode Power Supplies – These plug-in power sources eliminate the need for internal power supply cooling devices, allowing end products to be designed smaller and lighter while keeping heat away from sensitive circuits and supplying a safer, lower output to the end product. Available with 50 to 60 Hz operating frequency at Level VI efficiency, these models meet EIAS 2007 energy-efficiency requirements for external power supplies. This line of transformers is also tamper-proof and equipped with generous 6’ cords.

Interchangeable Input Plug Wall Plug-In Switch-Mode Power Supplies – These transformers allow for great versatility, with four different interchangeable plug styles available for use in North America, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Australia at 100-240V input and 24W 5-24VDC output with Level VI efficiency.

Medical Wall Plug-In Switch Mode Power Supplies – Triad’s universal input WMX Series of external wall plug-in adaptors are designed for medical applications. They are certified to CB/EN/IEC/ANSI 60601-1 with 2 MOPPS (Means of Patient Protection). The series is also classified as Class II equipment requiring no FG (Frame Ground). WMX Series power supplies includes four interchangeable input plugs for use in the Americas, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia/New Zealand. They feature excellent performance up to 40C ambient, have low noise, and low leakage currents. With high power efficiency and super low stand-by power consumption, they exceed the efficiency requirements mandated by US DOE (EIAS 2007) and EU ErP Ecodesign.

Medical Wall Plug-Ins with Fixed Plug – Similar to the WMX series, Triad’s WMU product line has fixed NEMA 1-15 plugs that are especially designed for use in the North American market. They are offered in a wide range of popular voltages, power levels and reversed polarity (-R. Models are also available with generous six foot cord lengths.

Hardwire Junction Box Power Supply Junction Box – When electronic equipment is stationary, it sometimes makes the most sense to hardwire it to a power supply junction box in order to avoid the frustration of tangled cords that can lead to accidental disconnection. This line is available in two popular configurations: 12VDC/1.5A and 24VDC/0.75A.

Wall Plug-Ins AC Power Supplies Level VI – Consuming up to 25% less power than previous 60 Hertz AC power supplies, this line of AC power supplies was among the first to meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s Level VI efficiency standard. These supplies feature a power output of 12VA, a primary rating of 120VAC 60Hz, a secondary rating of 6VAC-24VAC, 2000mA-500mA, and a temperature rise of 30 ºC (86 ºF) max at rated load. These power supplies are UL-listed (UL/cULFile: E341931, UL 1310, Tab Parts UL only), and dimensions come in at 79.6 mm high by 59.7 mm wide by 48.1 mm deep. This is slightly larger than similar products of lesser efficiency, as higher-grade core materials are needed to meet the Level VI requirements. Additional flexible design options include a screw terminal secondary, third pin ground with secondary ground connection, and a mounting tab for added mechanical security. A 10-year warranty is also included. These supplies are ideal for security system locks, battery backup devices, and camera controls; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; lighting; professional audio applications; and much more.

Wall Plug-Ins DC and AC Power Supplies for Industrial and Commercial Use Only – These are similar to our core wall plug-in transformers but are only meant to be used in industrial and commercial environments. This line of products is available only at the 60 Hz operating frequency, in AC/DC unregulated models with generous 6’ cords and a tamper-proof thermoplastic molded enclosure. Since they carry many required agency listings, their use aids in gaining agency approvals.

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