Medical researchers continue to find new ways to apply the latest technology to patient care. However, incorporating these advances into medical practice is not without its challenges.

New processes and inventions in the medical field undergo a complex and constantly evolving regulatory process to ensure that they won’t inadvertently harm patients or create new health risks. This focus on compliance is especially true of devices that use electricity for medical purposes, as these come with an increased risk of injury to technicians and patients.

Medical manufacturers solve this challenge by creating specialized medical-grade power transformers. These tools provide safe electrical current to delicate devices by regulating the flow of electricity so that it does not fluctuate widely or unexpectedly.

Since launching more than 60 years ago, Triad Magnetics has become a global leader in the manufacture of magnetic components. Today, we employ a team of highly skilled engineers, maintain fully ISO certified facilities, and operate fully modernized testing laboratories — all in the name of creating inductors, transformers, and power supplies of the highest possible quality. Our unwavering dedication to strict quality standards is particularly important for the medical and medical equipment industries.

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Applications for Medical Equipment Transformers

With constant technological advances and increasing pressure to innovate, the medical industry is heavily reliant on the latest electronic devices.

Medical professionals employ a range of equipment, from portable medicine drip controllers and oxygen pumps to MRI and CAT scan machines, each of which require power supplies and transformers.

Medical grade isolation power transformers were designed for use in controlled spaces. Delicate health monitoring equipment and medical tools can be affected by the stray electromagnetic fields created by complex electronics. Isolation transformers, which act as a buffer between the power source and connected equipment, use Class F insulation systems and other innovations to dampen those fields. Our toroidal medical power transformers work similarly to our isolation transformers — we design and build them specifically to ensure low stray field and low leakage current levels.We at Triad Magnetics specialize in building high-quality, medical-grade power transformers for use in a wide range of healthcare applications. Our products appear in operating rooms, assisted living facilities, and portable medical devices all over the world.

Medical-grade power transformers can be found in:

  • MRIs
  • Dental equipment
  • CAT scan machines
  • Oxygen pumps
  • Hospital beds
  • Medical drip controllers
  • Lab equipment

Standard Medical Power Transformer Products from Triad Magnetics

Over the past six decades, Triad Magnetics has established expertise in the design and manufacture of transformers for a wide range of industries — and an even wider range of applications. This expert knowledge is especially important in the medical equipment industry.

Due to the very nature of medical equipment — people’s lives depend on the successful functionality of such components — this industry has a complex, multifaceted, and ever-changing regulatory landscape.

We design specialized medical-grade transformers that operate on toroidal systems. These transformers use two coils to regulate their power supply, and they operate by transferring power from the primary coil to the secondary coil via electromotive force (EMF). The dual design allows for shorter coils, which yield the following benefits:

  • More efficient toroidal medical power supply
  • Reduction of stray fields that otherwise interfere with electronic component performance
  • Reduced size compared with traditional EI transformers

Ensure Your Medical Device Meets Regulatory Standards with Triad’s Custom Magnetics

These products also include flux bands that provide an extra layer of protection against stray fields, and they incorporate shields between the primary and secondary coils to insulate each coil from the other. These features enhance the toroidal transformers’ safety by greatly reducing the likelihood of overloads or unexpected fluctuations in electricity. The shield also suppresses common mode signals and minimizes current leakage, which otherwise disrupt equipment operations.

Built with Class F insulation systems that are rated up to 155°F, as well as a 140°F self-resetting thermal switch in the primary coil, our toroidal medical transformers are versatile and reliable options for use in a variety of medical settings.

We build 49 standard models of toroidal power transformers, and each can be designed with the following specifications:

  • Primary coil voltages: 100, 120, 208, 220, and 240 V or 50/60 Hz
  • Secondary coil voltages: 6–240 V
  • Dielectric isolation (Pri-Sec): 4,000 V
    • UL: File E122529
    • UL 60601-1/(R) 2012 Medical Electrical Equipment -Part 1 with 2 MOPP
    • cUL: C22.2 No. 60601-1:14, Medical Electrical Equipment -Part 1
    • CE: ES 60601-1 (IEC 60601-1:2005, MOD)
    • CB: Certified

Our medical-grade isolation transformer devices come with all the benefits offered by a toroidal power system, along with the added perks of improved portability and independent placement options.

In addition to a Class F insulation system, medical-grade isolation transformer devices include these specifications:

  • Max power: 250–2,400 V-A (depending on model)
  • Input: 120–240 V (depending on model)
  • Output: 120 V
  • Efficiency: 92–94% typical at full load (depending on model)
  • Safety: Medical isolation transformer box is certified to UL60601-1, 2nd edition medical standard and CSA-C22.2. No. 601.1M90, 2005 UL: (E352717), UL60601-1, 2nd edition and CAN/CSA22.2 No. 601.1M90, 2005

Transform Your Medical Devices with Triad Magnetics

Many magnetics manufacturers lack the knowledge or expertise required to ensure that their products meet all regulations, so they cannot ensure a reliable, high quality final product. Triad Magnetics can make the quality guarantee that other manufacturers simply cannot match.

We manufacture magnetics components that consistently meet not only client performance specifications, but also the strictest of medical regulatory standards. Transformers for medical equipment, isolation transformers for medical applications, and other medical grade transformers are all designed explicitly to meet the toughest regulations.

In addition to our wide range of standard products, Triad Magnetics supplies custom power supply solutions for the medical equipment industry. Using our devices will help ensure that your project is safe, effective, and fully compliant. Our design team is ready to assist you with the unique needs for any application.

Contact us for more information on our diverse selection of both standard and custom medical power transformers.

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