As indicated by the name, current sense transformers detect (i.e., sense) electrical current and/or convert (i.e., transform) it into usable forms for various industrial and commercial devices. They find use in a wide range of instrument control and monitoring, switch-mode power supply control, and equipment feedback applications, including ones with demanding operating or environmental conditions. For this reason, they are available in numerous standard and custom designs and configurations to suit different requirements and restrictions.

Custom Current Sense Transformers From Triad Magnetics

Triad maintains five standard current sense transformer lines, all of which can be modified to meet specific custom application requirements:

  • CST206/CST306 Series High-Frequency Current Sense Transformers: These transformers are suitable for operations involving frequencies ranging from 20 kHz to 200 kHz.
  • CSE5 Series High-Frequency Current Sense Transformers: These transformers are designed to monitor electrical currents from 250 kHz and up.
  • CSE Series Low-Frequency Current Sense Transformers: These transformers are engineered for monitoring current in low-frequency applications.
  • CST Series Low-Frequency Current Sense Transformers: These transformers are ideal for frequencies between 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
  • CST25 Series Current Sense Transformers: These transformers are designed to monitor electrical current in high-frequency applications, such as LED lighting systems and switch-mode power supplies.

Triad CST25 trio hiresIn addition to our standard products modification services, we offer complete custom solutions to accommodate highly specific or unique applications. Equipped with extensive industry experience and an ISO 9001:2015 U.S. Design Center, our team has the knowledge, skills, and tools to provide a custom current sense transformer for virtually any customer application. At every stage of the production process—from design and prototyping to manufacturing and testing—we keep the customer’s specifications in mind to ensure the solution we deliver fully meets all of a customer’s needs.  

Some of the design options available for our custom current sense transformers include: 

  • Construction: open toroidal, severe-duty encapsulation, or custom encapsulation
  • Termination: PC mounts, flying leads, custom leads, connectors, or terminals

We can also design and build our transformers to meet various performance requirements (e.g., current ratio, output, accuracy and inductance) or accommodate extreme operating or environmental conditions. 

Triad’s Custom Current Sense Transformer Capabilities

Our superior product and service quality, combined with our expert engineers, modern testing facilities, automated factories, and competitive pricing, help ensure the success of our customers. Our custom design manufacturing and test capabilities include:

  • Hi-volume, Progressive Die Stamping
  • Wire Prep and Wire Harness Assembly
  • Glass to metal sealing
  • 52ga-8ga & Foil Magnetic Component Winding
  • Wind and Assemble all core shapes and types including laminated
  • In-house molding

We design and build all of our current sense transformers to comply with the most rigorous  quality and performance standards, including:

  • current sense transformer testingUL Insulation System, Classes B (130° C) through R (220° C)
  • CE 
  • CSA 
  • FCC Part 68
  • IEC 
  • ISO 9001:2015 
  • MIL-T-27E 
  • TUV 
  • VDE 

Applications for Custom Current Sense Transformers

Our custom current sense transformers find application in a wide range of industries within various equipment and systems, such as:

  • Break Panels
  • Computer Data Centers
  • Distribution Transformer Monitoring Systems
  • HVAC Monitoring Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems 
  • Lighting Control Systems 
  • Motor Monitoring Systems
  • Power Control Panels
  • Process Control Systems
  • Revenue Metering SCADA Systems
  • Secondary Metering Systems
  • Smart Grid Monitoring Systems
  • Solar, Wind, and Geothermal Power Systems
  • Food and Beverage Industry Systems

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Triad Magnetics has served as a premier source of custom magnetics solutions for over 75 years. Whether you need a transformer, inductor, or other magnetics product for an industrial, commercial, or residential application, we can help you find the ideal solution. By evaluating your application requirements and utilizing the latest CAD/CAE technology, our custom product engineers can design, prototype, test, sample, and, ultimately, bring your custom solution to life. 

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