Triad Magnetics has deep roots in the audio and sound processing and distribution industry.

In the 1950s, not long after Triad was founded, we made one of our first innovations by pushing the boundaries of what magnetics could do. Our Triad team successfully engineered and manufactured the world’s first 100 W output transformer, revolutionizing the world of speaker technology.

Our audio and sound innovations didn’t stop there. Working with Fender and surf-rock pioneer Dick Dale, our 100W output transformers became an integral component in the world’s first 100W guitar amplifier.

Later, in the mid-1960s, Triad became a primary audio transformer supplier for television manufacturers during the television purchasing boom fueled by the transition to color broadcasting.

Triad Magnetics has been intricately involved with the audio processing industry and its advancement since the beginning, and we remain so today.

Audio and Sound Processing and Distribution Magnetics

Audio transformers function much the same way as standard transformers do, the only real difference being that they are used to control the flow of audio signals as opposed to general electrical currents.

Audio transformers are often found at the input and output of a device, as well as multiple places between these two points. Prior to the 70s, it was not unusual to find 10 or more audio transformers in a single device. Today, thanks to strides in magnetics technology, this number has been greatly reduced.

The reduction in audio transformers is a good thing, considering the effect transformers can have on audio signals. Magnetic fields, which transformers create by their very nature, can disrupt audio signals.

While in some cases these harmonic distortions can produce interesting sounds, generally they only hurt overall sound quality.

Protecting sound quality by using high quality audio transformers is a main goal of any audio products manufacturer.


In addition to our expansive customization capabilities, Triad Magnetics manufactures 41 different high quality audio transformers of our own design. Each of our audio transformers fits into one of three particular varieties:

  • Red Spec Printed Circuit Audio Transformers — Highly reliable, these transformers are durable and precise. Manufactured with epoxy molded cases, gold plated leads, and an operational range of 300 Hz to 100 kHz, these transformers are ideal for a range of applications.
  • Plug-In PC Audio Transformers — Designed for use in printed circuit (PC) designs, these transformers are also highly versatile — they’ve been used in input, isolation, line matching, pulse trigger, telephone coupling, and interstage applications.
  • Data/Voice Coupling Transformers — Triad telecommunications transformers are designed for use in devices that utilize the dial-up switched telephone network. Applications include isolation, repeat coil, impedance matching, hybrid circuits, bridging, and line balancing.

Magnetics from Triad

When you purchase high-reliability audio transformers from Triad Magnetics, those components come backed by more than 60 years of experience and innovation in the audio and sound processing and distribution industry.

Our precision magnetics are durable, versatile, and can be made to meet a wide variety of regulatory standards.

Contact Triad Magnetics today to learn more about our standard and custom audio transformer capabilities and how they can improve your next project.

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