inductors-chokes-CMT908-V1-001A wide range of inductors and chokes rank among the many standard off-the-shelf parts and custom items engineered and manufactured by Triad Magnetics. Workhorses in the field of electronics, inductors are passive two-terminal electrical components that store energy in a magnetic field when electricity flows through it.

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Specifications and Applications

Inductors have a wide range of uses, including noise suppression, high power applications, signals, radio frequency, and isolation. The most common types of inductors include:

  • Coupled inductors. These inductors share a magnetic path and influence each other, making them handy for stepping up or stepping down voltage.
  • Multilayer inductors. This type of inductor provides greater inductance, but only at lower maximum operating frequencies.
  • Molded inductors. These inductors are housed within a plastic or ceramic housing.
  • Power inductors. While this inductor can handle higher levels of power, it also generates more noise that requires magnetic shielding.
  • RF inductors. High-frequency or radio frequency inductors are designed to operate at higher frequencies, but require additional techniques to reduce losses.
  • Surface mount inductors. These inductors are very small and geared towards use in ever-smaller mobile devices.

Chokes are also a kind of inductor, but with the unique property of being able to help filter signals. Specifically, they can block high-frequency pulses while letting low-frequency pulses get through. When used, they reduce AC voltages to very small values and let the DC voltage pass through. Blocking or “choking” off the AC “ripples” the radio frequencies, allowing for a steady DC power supply, such as in a wall outlet.

There are two classes of chokes. Power and audio frequency chokes have an iron core for greater inductance and filtering ability, while RF chokes use iron powder or ferrite beads and complex winding patterns that allow them to effectively operate at higher frequencies.

The size of a choke is what determines its cutoff frequency or boundary, with larger chokes having lower cutoff frequencies and smaller chokes having higher cutoff frequencies. Chokes can be used for dimming, pulsing, microprocessor control, and other functions in applications that include line filtering, DC output filtering, oil and gas control systems, elevators/conveyors, robotics equipment, pumping equipment, UPS equipment, HVAC equipment, machine tool drives, variable frequency motor drives, and so on.

Inductors and Chokes from Triad Magnetics

inductors-chokes-CME375Triad Magnetics’ ISO 9001:2015 certified U.S. Design Center offers complete custom inductor and choke design services, including rapid design, prototyping, and testing. In addition to creating completely custom inductors and chokes for your application, our engineers also have the capability to modify existing “off-the-shelf” inductors and chokes to help you get the product you need.

Triad Magnetics also offers a wide range of standard inductor and choke product lines, including the following:

CMF Series Common Mode Inductors are compact and can come in either vertical or horizontal configurations. By providing common-mode suppression and exceptional stray inductance to suppress differential-mode noise, they essentially combine features from two separate types of inductors into one product. They are well-suited for electronics ballast, LED lighting, and switch-mode power supplies.

CMT8100 Series Common Mode Inductors feature precision winding to eliminate noise and minimize AC line transmitted interference created by high-frequency switching power supplies. Also provide common mode EMI suppression for power supplies.

CMT908 Series Common Mode Inductors and CME Series Common Mode Inductors are used for differential mode filtering in various types of power supplies to eliminate noise common to all lines. These compact inductors are usually placed near the input source and are constructed with UL rated 130º C materials.

UT/ET Series Common Mode Inductors are useful for the prevention of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from power supply lines, and for preventing malfunction in various electronics. They feature high self-resonant frequency, low leakage flux, low stray capacitance in section winding, and high impedance at applicable frequency.

Switch Mode/High Frequency Differential Mode Toroidal Inductors are specifically designed to minimize transients, conditioning the output signal by leveling out the current waveform to provide a more stable supply of current. These inductors are generally used in high-frequency circuits in a standardized design, creating an economical solution in differential mode applications or as an output inductor.

Switch Mode/High Frequency Rod Core Inductors provide cost effective energy storage and condition the output signal to smooth out the waveform and provide a more stable current. They are low-cost and designed to be compatible with automated P.C.B. installation.

AX97 Series SMD Power Shielded Inductors are of a slim type with low resistance and excellent DC current characteristics.

AX104R Series SMD Power Shielded Inductors are self-shielded to reduce noise, in addition to their slim type, low resistance, and maximum height of 4mm.

AX1005 – 102K Series SMD Power Shielded Inductors are shielded to reduce magnetic leakage and noise at a maximum height of 6mm.

AX02 Series SMD Power Shielded Inductors are self-shielded to reduce noise and feature a maximum height of 6.5mm.

Smoothing Filter Chokes are power supply filter chokes with an air gap core that prevents saturation at maximum direct current. Triad chokes are manufactured in a wide variety of inductance values and physical configurations.

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