Wall plug-in power supplies and transformers—also referred to as AC adapters, wall bumps, wall warts, and power cubes—are essential components of the power distribution system for electronic devices. When plugged into a standard wall outlet, they provide connected low-voltage devices with protection from the outlet’s high voltages.Custom Wall Plug In Power Supplies

At Triad Magnetics, we offer standard wall plug-in power supplies in a range of voltage ratings, operating frequencies, power levels, and reverse polarities (-R). As with all of our standard products, these transformers meet the standards outlined by EU Directive 2015/863/EU for RoHS best practices.

To meet the unique needs of our customers, in addition to our standard transformer product offerings, we also provide design, build, and manufacturing capabilities for custom wall plug-in transformers.

Triad’s Custom Power Solutions

While our full range of standard power supply solutions meets many of our clients’ needs, there are some applications where standard solutions do not suffice. For these applications, we provide custom power supplies and transformers tailored to meet our customers’ requirements. To produce and deliver high-quality custom power solutions, we employ and execute three basic processes:

Mechanical & Electrical Design

Our mechanical and electrical design stage includes:

  • 3D modeling, photorealistic rendering, and animation of the design
  • Custom color and logo design
  • Testing of the design through mass, stress, and thermal simulation
  • Utilizing schematic capture and simulation
  • Integrating environmentally sealed units and embedded microprocessors into the design
  • Reviewing the design for compliance with I2C interface requirements for improved power supply health and control, adherence to defense specs, and noise and ripple standards

PCB Design & Software Programming

Custom Wall Plug In Power Supplies

Our PCB design and software programming stage provides advantages, such as:

  • Improved customer time-to-market
  • Increased manufacturability
  • PCB modeling and layout assistance
  • Software and firmware developed in-house
  • Improved safety specific creepage and clearance
  • Interfacing with I2C and RS232/422 serial bus
  • Improved software and firmware functionality, including smart battery interface (SMBus), battery charging, power supply sequencing, and power supply alarm and control

Safety Compliance, Quality & Testing

The third stage of our custom power solution process involves safety compliance, quality assurance, and other testing operations, including:

  • Engineering to meet compliance standards, such as UL, TUB, CSA, CE, CB, ETSI, NEBS, MIL-STD and DEF-STAN EMC, and industry standards (including IT, industrial, and medical)
  • Troubleshooting system design and operating issues
  • Testing for turnkey EMC certification
  • Integrity testing in accordance with HALT/HASS
  • Burn-in and other system-specific testing
  • 100% parametric DVT testing
  • Multiple listing for safety agency approvals

Triad’s Custom Capabilities

We aim to provide our customers with the optimal power supply solution. From modifying standard products to delivering a ground-up custom design, our extensive custom capabilities allow us to quickly engineer the solution that best fits our customers’ unique power supply challenges and system requirements. We utilize a flexible, collaborative design approach, allowing the customer to assist in the development of the power supply design that is right for them.Custom-Wall Plug In Power Supplies

Our custom transformer and power supply development and production capabilities include:

  • AC/AC and AC/DC power supplies and systems for industrial, commercial, and medical applications
  • AC/DC charging systems for stationary and mobile power systems
  • High-voltage power supplies for AC/DC systems used in industrial and medical applications
  • Ultra-wide operating temperatures for power supplies ranging from -40º C to +80º C
  • Hot-swappable and redundant battery packs

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At Triad Magnetics, we focus on designing and delivering the right power solution. Our mission is to thoroughly understand the specific magnetic needs required by our clients and meet or exceed their expectations with a standard or custom design. To fulfill this goal, we engineer, design, and manufacture standard and custom AC/AC and AC/DC power supplies ranging from five watts to two kilowatts.

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