The ideal performance of many electronic devices relies on inductors and chokes. Though a variety of standard inductors and chokes are available on the market, customization is necessary for many challenging applications.

When a standard solution won’t do, Triad Magnetics can design and manufacture custom chokes and inductors that meet the unique needs of your application.

Triad’s Design Options for Custom Inductors and Chokes

Our team designs and builds inductors and chokes to meet specific operational challenges. Inductor types might range from high-frequency, switch-mode types to larger 3-phase inductors. We use a broad range of magnetic core and conductor materials in our manufacturing process to facilitate a variety of custom options to choose from.

Our designers work directly with each customer to meet their specific electrical and mechanical requirements. Customization options may include:

  • AC line reactors
  • Current limiting reactors
  • Harmonic filter reactors
  • DC link inductors
  • DC filter inductors
  • DC swinging inductors
  • Grounding inductors
  • Common/differential mode inductors

Materials for Custom Inductors and Chokes

Triad Magnetics offers a wide variety of core material options, including:

  • Ferrites
  • Powdered irons
  • Kool Mu
  • Phenolics
  • MPP
  • High-flux

To provide additional design and construction flexibility, we may implement other conducting materials into custom inductors, such as magnetic wire, Litz wire, and copper and aluminum foil.

Inductor and Choke Capabilities at Triad Magnetics

To meet the needs of our clients, Triad Magnetics can design chokes and inductors to meet a broad variety of specific application needs. Some examples include:

  • Frequencies between 25Hz and 500kHz
  • Inductance from uH to H
  • Currents up to 1100A nominal, AC or DC
  • Ripple current accommodations
  • Temperature classes up to 220º C (155º C is typical class F)
  • Weights ranging from 0.06 oz. (1 g) to 550 lbs. (250 kg)
  • Multiple taps if required
  • Dielectric strengths (hipot) from 30kV AC to 20kV DC
  • Grade 5 or 6 encapsulation to meet MIL PRF 27
  • Wire sizes ranging from 1-45 AWG or copper foil up to 0.050” (1.27 mm) with multiple layers for higher currents and/or Litz wire for higher frequencies

Our designs can be tailored to meet all relevant CSA & UL consumer safety standards or MIL PRF 27 requirements in aerospace and military applications. Our components are either vacuum varnished or molded using any of a variety of hard or soft encapsulation materials with thermal conductivity.

We handle all known state-of-the-art magnetic core materials, including:

  • Electrical grade steel laminations
  • Ferrites
  • Nickel-iron alloys
  • Amorphous metal strip-wound cores

Custom designs may also be fabricated with antifungal, non-nutrient, and corrosion resistant coatings and platings. We provide standard or custom leads and terminations according client specifications, as well as a variety of mounting configurations like horizontal or vertical PCB mounting, custom or standard brackets, or stacked configurations.

Custom Inductor and Choke Applications

Inductors and chokes are common in a wide variety of electronic applications. Our custom designs support a number of specific areas and applications, including:

  • Air core inductors (including gold, silver and copper)
  • Copper and Litz wire inductors
  • Ferrite and iron core inductors
  • High current inductors
  • Toroid inductors and common mode toroid inductors
  • Transformers

Custom Inductors and Chokes From Triad Magnetics

Triad Magnetics meets the specific challenges our customers face through the design and manufacture of custom inductors and chokes. Whether you need a complete custom solution or a simple build-to-print, our team has the range of flexibility, necessary skill, and experience to design and manufacture precision components that perform optimally within your application.

Contact us today to explore our custom inductor and choke capabilities and discover how they can meet the challenges of your operation.