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Litz Wire vs. Copper Foil

In our most recent blog, we introduced Litz wire and discussed its various uses and properties. Litz wire is a multi-strand wire used to conduct alternating current (AC) at radio frequencies. Individually insulated magnet wires are braided together in a pattern that helps reduce AC losses from skin effects and proximity effects found in high-frequency windings.

In this blog, we’ll compare Litz wire and copper foil—a thin metal sheet made from soft copper—and discuss their applications in transformer design.


What Is Litz Wire and Its Applications

Our engineering team frequently receives questions about whether we use Litz wire in our designs. We decided to focus this blog on educating our clients on this subject and explain why Litz wire is so ideal for certain applications and industries. Using Litz wire is associated with a number of benefits, including:


What Are Electrical Transformers?

Transformers are electrical devices with the capacity to change the voltage level of an alternating current (AC) in a circuit. They function only with AC circuits, not with direct current (DC) circuits. The basic components of a transformer are two separate coils of wire wound around a single core. The coil connected to the incoming or voltage source is the primary coil, the coil connected to outgoing or voltage output is the secondary coil, and the core is an electromagnetic device that impedes (limits) or amplifies (increases) voltage flow according to output requirements. 

A more in-depth investigation into how transformers work, their various types, and their common applications helps provide a greater understanding of the critical function they serve in providing usable power to operate computers, appliances, lighting fixtures, and a wide range of other electrical and electronic devices. (more…)

Medical Applications for Power Transformers

Complex electronics sometimes create stray electromagnetic fields, which can interfere with the performance of other electronics. This problem is especially prevalent in confined spaces like hospital rooms and surgery floors, and interference can be even more dangerous when it applies to delicate tools such as health monitoring equipment.


Triad Sales Manager Jim Tracy Celebrates 60 Years with the Company

JT in Triad test Lab 1965Triad Magnetics is pleased to announce that Jim Tracy has marked sixty years with the power supply and magnetics company. Jim, or JT as he is known to colleagues, joined Triad on January 19, 1959, when the emerging transformer company was primarily a military contractor based in Venice, CA. In his six decades with Triad, JT has been a vital part of the company’s sales growth and has seen incredible technological change and innovation.


China Tariffs Expected to Have Minimal Impact on Triad Magnetics Customers

Update: As of May 10, 2019, tariffs on Chinese goods have increased to 25%. Triad Magnetics, with our diverse mix of facilities across the United States, the Philippines, and China, continues to ensure that our products will be largely insulated from tariff-related cost increases.

As tariff tensions continue to escalate between the United States and China, many manufacturers are already feeling the financial effects of the 10% tariff increase. When the New Year arrives, those consequences will be even more evident –the tariff surcharge on most electronic components manufactured in China is scheduled to increase to 25%!


What Is a Toroidal Power Transformer?

Transformers are devices used to transfer power between two parts of an electrical circuit, creating isolation while varying current and voltage. Transformers serve as integral components in most electrical systems.


Triad Magnetics to Display at 2018 Sensors Expo & Conference

Triad Magnetics is thrilled to once again exhibit our extensive line of standard and custom magnetics solutions at the Sensors Expo & Conference. The 2018 conference will take place from June 26-28 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. Triad will share the Expo Floor with more than 300 exhibitors showcasing the latest in sensor and sensor-adjacent technology.