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Food & Beverage Industry

Triad Magnetics has more than 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing magnetics that have supported everything from early microwave ovens to lunar spacecraft. We lead the industry in cutting-edge design and fabrication of high-performance transformers, inductors, and power supplies.

Like many industries, the food and beverage sector needs reliable power transformers to facilitate production. Our magnetic components set the standard for performance and have broad applications across food and beverage production.

Power Transformers in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry in the United States continues to grow at a fast pace, but that growth relies on access to reliable tools that feature a high power quality. When equipment fails, ingredients and consumable materials are at risk of becoming unsafe or unusable.

This is a serious hazard for the industry since excessive heat and inconsistent temperatures shorten the viable lifespan of food products. Food products that have been accidentally exposed to improper temperatures or other adverse conditions may need to be disposed of, which drives increased waste and elevated costs for food manufacturers.

Reliable power transformers can stop cables and electrical components from overheating or shorting out. Using appropriate electrical components with fail-safes and adequate insulation keeps food products safe. Safe and efficient production ensures costs remain under control, so investing in transformers that meet UL requirements is essential.

Why Use Class 2 Transformers in Commercial Food Processing Equipment?

Power Transformers in the Food and Beverage IndustryHeating, cooling, and processing equipment in food and beverage applications is vulnerable to fire and electrical shock. Even storage equipment such as freezers and refrigerators can pose risks. As such, most equipment is currently required to have Class 2 compliant transformers or power supplies. While some equipment is exempted from this regulation, all food and beverage equipment is still subject to additional NRTL inspections and safety restrictions regarding isolation characteristics, voltage, and current levels.

Class 2 compliance imposes additional safety standards to reduce the risks of fire and shock, including controlling temperatures and safeguarding against potential failure. Class 2 transformers implement insulation that easily withstands common operating temperatures up to 121° C and meet dielectric withstanding voltages. Class 2 transformers also mitigate shock risks by limiting excessive power. The specific requirements include: Triad Magnetics offers a broad selection of Class 2 compliant transformers that meet these safety standards and fit a wide range of applications.

  • Limiting secondary open circuit voltages to 30V rms
  • Limiting secondary current to 5 A when the voltage is 20V rms or less
  • Limiting secondary current to 100/V when voltage is between 20.1-30V
  • Creepage and clearance distances to separate conductors with opposing polarity
  • Insulation to add additional protection

Food and beverage equipment and appliances are subject to a wide range of UL standards, depending on the application. The following standards may apply:

Applications and Solutions from Triad Magnetics

Reliable electrical equipment will be even more important as the industry continues to grow. Global revenue in the food and beverage industry will grow to have a market volume of more than $150 billion by 2023, with an annual growth rate of 10.1%. Growth in the United States alone will reach $28 billion by 2023, also featuring a 10.1% growth rate.

Triad Magnetics helps companies keep pace with industry growth through the use of reliable transformers, and power supplies that meet Class 2 and UL standards. Many of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in the food and beverage industry utilize Triad products, including:

  • Beverage dispensers that use a custom power Toroid
  • Conveyor ovens and convection ovens that each use a Class 2 Power Transformer
  • Coffee equipment that uses a Control Transformer
  • Deep fryers, which use a Common-Mode Choke
  • Fast food egg cookers, which use Triad's current sense and PCB Power Transformers

If your company produces heating, cooling, and processing equipment for the food and beverage industry, components from Triad Magnetics can improve the functionality and dependability of your products. Triad Magnetics offers a wide range of Class 2 standard transformers to meet your specific application needs. Browse our online catalog here or Contact us for more information about both our off-the-shelf standard products and our custom design solutions to see how they can help you serve the food and beverage industry.

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