machine-tool-transformerAt Triad, we strive for excellence in innovative magnetic design and production. We consistently provide ideal solutions that surpass our customers’ expectations, with applications in markets including industrial and commercial equipment, power conversion and measurement, and renewable energy.

With decades of experience designing and manufacturing standard and custom magnetic components, Triad was ready when a customer with unique and potentially complex needs for Machine Tool Transformers sought out our expertise.


Problem: Function and Appearance

This customer was seeking an alternate source for their product, and Triad met their needs in multiple ways. In addition to excellent performance and functionality, this project’s atypical requirement was that the appearance of the part was of high importance. This led to unforeseen obstacles that required specialized capabilities, such as the ability to label and mark the product more than typically expected with the average part.

Solution: Innovation, Design, and Tech

Utilizing our innovative design and technology in conjunction with ovens, printers, and winding and laminating equipment, we were able to create a high-performing Machine Tool Transformer that suited the client’s needs.

Custom tooling was needed to maintain the desired aesthetics of the part and multiple tests were performed to ensure quality and performance. The completed part featured custom brass terminals and pot laminated transformers, unique design elements not regularly used for similar parts.

Although we specialize in both standard and custom power transformers, this product’s design was distinctive in requiring specially-made, custom brass terminals. The list of materials used in the final product included copper, brass, steel, plastic, varnish, and epoxy, with a matte black finish. To ensure the product met our rigorous performance and quality requirements, an expansive range of inspections and tests were performed. These performance evaluations measured functionality factors such as:

  • Turns ratio
  • Excitation current
  • Voltage ratio
  • Induced voltage
  • Core loss
  • Dielectric strength

Result: Product and Customer Experience Success

The finished product more than met all of the customer’s needs. Our ability to prioritize appearance without sacrificing excellence, while simultaneously venturing into manufacturing processes not regularly employed by us, demonstrated our dedication, customization skills, and willingness to deliver everything our customer wanted. Additionally, the client’s extreme satisfaction with the solution and service throughout the process led to further inquiry, and quotes were requested for future projects.

Triad Custom Magnetics

Combining our dedication to our customers, innovative approaches to design, and manufacturing processes such as advanced cellular production techniques, we have the capabilities to produce a comprehensive range of standard and powerful custom power transformers. Despite a heavily saturated industry, with over 500 power transformer manufacturers worldwide, we remain an industry leader through our extreme care for our customers and our advanced engineering and production capabilities.

For more information about this project or our manufacturing and design capabilities, contact us today.