At Triad, we’re proud to provide high-quality, reliable magnetics solutions for clients across a wide range of industries, including the audio interface sector. Recently, a company in this field approached our team looking for assistance in the manufacture of a transformer for professional audio use.

These types of transformers leave no room for error; in order to meet the clients’ specific needs, our manufacturing engineers, design team, and procurement managers had to work together to create an incredibly precise, high-performance component that would meet with the demanding needs of professional audio.

Professional Custom Audio Transformer

The transformer also had to be able to adhere to extremely strict harmonics requirements.

To meet these harmonic performance demands, the Triad team developed several iterations of the design, each time inching closer to the exact specification required.

To ensure optimal performance, we encased the transformer in a high-nickel shielding can. The shielding provided a very tight fit and therefore required the transformer to be built to exact specifications in order to fit properly without exceeding overall dimensions.

Consistency in the winding and assembly process was also crucial for ensuring the high-performance audio required. For example, the electrostatic shields placed between each winding had to cover the winding’s full width; without appropriate coverage, the performance quality would be compromised, as the transformer would not be able to provide ideal common-mode rejection. The windings would be exposed, and overall performance would suffer.

Thanks to our detailed design and strict adherence to tight tolerances, our team was able to build a high-performance professional audio transformer with multi-electrostatic shields and interleaved windings for flawless harmonics.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer, we’re proud to help our clients fulfill all of their custom magnetics needs.

To learn more about our audio capabilities or discuss other past work, reach out to the team today.