At Triad Magnetics, we’re proud to serve a wide range of industries and applications, from industrial and commercial to renewable energy and medical. With over 1,000 standard magnetics components, customers can easily find the right match for their specific needs. But for jobs requiring especially complex or unusual components, our expert engineers can also design and manufacture customized solutions.

To better illustrate our custom capabilities, we’ve outlined a recent case study below.

The Challenge

Blood and Fluid Warmer Analyzer Custom Transformer

A medical device manufacturer came to us with a request for a custom transformer to be used in a blood and fluid warmer analyzer. The sensitive nature of this instrumentation demanded meticulous handcrafting for each part; the client needed assurance that this could be done efficiently and within the desired turnaround time. Though this was a very different style of project from what we typically handle, the team at Triad was equipped to take on the challenge.

The transformer required mechanical tolerances of +/-0.2 mm, making precision manufacturing essential to ensure the PCB pins precisely matched the layout of the PCB holes. The most challenging part of this task, though, was ensuring adequate insulation for the the brass tube components used to construct the blood and fluid warmer analyzer transformer.

The Solution

Using two custom printed circuit boards (PCBs), 4 ferrite cores, two precision-cut brass tubes, seven machined gold-plated PCB pins, high-temperature medical-grade coaxial cable, and high-temperature triple-insulation wire, we created a highly reliable transformer capable of standing up to high temperatures and safety-critical medical use.

We insulated the brass tubes with very high-temperature Kapton® tape, which required eight layers of perfectly applied tape with absolutely no wrinkles — a painstaking, time-consuming process. To maximize conductivity within the transformer, our engineers employed top-quality solder joints.

The final part was 72 mm in length x 31 mm in width x 25 mm in height. After manufacture, we performed output voltage, core loss, and impedance matching tests to ensure optimal quality and safety.

The Result

Triad Magnetics was able to deliver the custom transformer to our client just two weeks after we received all necessary materials, and the customer was very impressed with the final customized piece.

In fact, they were impressed we even took on the job in the first place, as it required such painstaking, specialized engineering. But our Triad team is used to handling complex projects, and we were thrilled to be able to assist in this unique job.