Triad Magnetics is a leading provider of magnetic product design and manufacturing. We supply customers in a variety of commercial and industrial fields with world-class solutions, in both large and small production sizes. With ISO 9001:2015 certification and over 25 years of experience, we deliver high-quality custom magnetic products, including those for use in the transportation industry.

To demonstrate our commitment to our partners, the following outlines how our team assisted a client in need of a custom-built transformer with strict specifications.

Problem: Rising Demand for Transformers

The market for electric vehicles is expanding rapidly, with 233.9 million units expected by 2027 and a compound annual growth rate of 21.7% over this period. This increasing demand requires component manufacturers to meet high-volume outputs with precision and repeatability. Transformers, in particular, will play a significant role in the expanding electric vehicle market.

Triad Magnetics is uniquely well-suited to support this growth. Our factory is certified by the IATF 16949 Automobile Industry Quality Management System standard, and our team is highly skilled at developing solutions for even the most challenging transformer constructions. Specifically, we specialize in section and layer winding development to achieve precise control and repeatability of interwinding couplings. The process of determining exact spacing, winding to winding, is the most challenging phase in LLC transformer design.

For electric vehicle-related applications, LLC transformer construction should be designed for repeatability and leakage inductance precision to +/- 6 uH. In high-volume production runs, manufacturers must reconstruct the prototype device within 5% of its inductance, electrical properties, leakage inductance, and DCRs.

Solution: Producing an LLC Transformer

In the past, our client had tried transformers from several other manufacturers and had even attempted to design and assemble transformers in-house but without success. However, Triad’s design engineering team developed the correct design on the first try. It worked in their circuit with a generous margin.

Throughout the process, Triad maintained regular communication with the customer, providing updates at every stage. Open communication is essential for facilitating effective relationships and avoiding unnecessary delays.

For this client, Triad developed an LLC transformer, which is a particular magnetic design topology. It can be designed in two possible configurations:

  1. A transformer designed with specific inductance and leakage inductance in the same package.
  2. A transformer designed with a specific inductance with minimum leakage inductance.

In this situation, we opted for the former configuration. Then, we designed an external resonant inductor for a specific inductance.

The most challenging aspect of the process was accomplishing a specific leakage inductance range while maintaining a particular inductance. Positioning proper winding is critical in these designs because the coupling between the primary and secondary windings determines the amount of leakage inductance. Another factor that influences leakage inductance is the insulation between windings. Adding a tertiary winding makes this challenge even greater, but ultimately we succeeded in delivering a product that satisfied the customer’s expectations.

Results: Product Success and Client Satisfaction

Triad Magnetics completed the design and manufacturing process for the LLC transformer on time and within budget. The customer was relieved and grateful to receive a transformer that exceeded their performance requirements and met International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) specifications. They gave Triad positive feedback on the samples and successfully implemented our designs into their application. Since we maintained frequent communication during the design and development process, there were no problems or changes necessary for the final product.

Triad Custom Magnetics

At Triad Magnetics, we maintain high standards for our products and work to achieve fast turnaround times at affordable prices. Our high-volume custom design and design modification services can meet the increasing demands of the transportation industry and deliver reliable solutions for any magnetic technology application.

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